For the serious minded-

Join our LevelUp Certificate Course


Students can enroll as a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Student and LevelUP with our with our industry-reknowned  Instructors.


The LevelUP Course Includes 16 weeks of 1 hour Lessons  to be scheduled at your own pace with the Instructor or instrument of your choice. Package can be broken down into hourly or half hour lessons.

Every level of our certificate course ends with a virtual concert/recital, recorded for future use, with up to 100 personal guest invites of from the student. Concerts are individual and private, with only your invited guests and the Creatish Team able to view it. 


Join our Creatish Family when you enroll in lessons today! Registration is easy! Purchase the number of lessons you want and fill out the online registration. Someone will call you within 24-48 hours to complete the registration and schedule your first lesson! 


Lessons are taught using Zoom and great care is taken to make sure our students feel like we are right there with them. 


Our classes are 100% at your pace and on your schedule. So the teachers won’t rush ahead trying to cram in a bunch of stuff that you’ll never remember. They’ll actually mentor and foster you as you learn and enhance your music skills. 


LevelUp Certificate Course