FREE-Introductory Lesson/Meeting



This is an introductory lesson for you to get to know the instructor. Please make sure to have your instrument ready and to test your equipment before each lesson. Microphone and camera are usually pre-installed on most computers and tablets. You will be contacted by an educational coordinator within 24 hours  to schedule your introductory lesson. 

FREE-Introductory Lesson/Meeting

  • 1 . Each lesson is taught on Zoom and can be recorded and sent to you via email or google docs for practice in between lessons. 

    2. Lessons will include: learning the instrument, mentoring, music theory and more in order to keep the lessons fun, supportive educational and informative. 

    3. We break our lessons into 16 hour blocks of time ( 16 hours represents a matriculation from level to level starting with beginner 1 and 2 to intermediate 1 and 2 and then to the advanced levels) and we offer a 15% discount if you purchase any block of time of 8 hours or more. We also offer weekly and monthly billing which can be discussed with your educational coordinator during the intro meeting.  Our passion lies in teaching music and we will work with you to get you enrolled. 

    4. Lessons may run a little long and sometimes they may go over the allotted time. You will not be billed extra for any time not scheduled out but please carve out 15 minutes to an hour after each lesson for the you to practice and go over what you just learned. This also gives a little time in case the lesson does run long. 

    5. Sometimes people don’t vibe and we want to ensure that you have an amazing time while learning. If for any reason you feel like you want to switch instructors, please let us know immediately!!! We have many amazing instructors and sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Thats ok! We will happily switch instructors for you, with no fee at all. Please keep in mind, if we have to schedule a new intro meeting you will be charged. 

    6. We know that your time is valuable and we pledge to never be late and to give you at least 48 hours or more for any cancellations. As such, instructors are all working industry professionals and their time is extremely valuable as well. We ask that you give us 48 hours for any cancellations, otherwise we may bill for the instructors time.