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Welcome To My City Blog: What’s the Ish, Savannah?

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Guys! This Pizza, it’s.... SQUIRREL’S!!

Thank y’all for letting me indulge in my inner Disney nerd. If you did not pick up on the reference in my tag line, it’s totally fine. Just watch the movie Up and you’ll understand. Now, let me get to the true reason for this post. Please excuse the shouty capitals, but our new friends at Squirrel’s Pizza ARE INSANELY TALENTED AND BASICALLY PIZZA GENIUSES. Phew, ok, I feel better now. And allow me to drop some first hand knowledge on you.

I have been not so patiently waiting to indulge myself in all things bread, sauce and cheese at Squirrel’s Pizza ever since they’ve opened. This past weekend, the opportunity finally presented itself, and I will very unashamedly admit, I will be going back most likely this weekend as well. In case your memory fails you, your new favorite pizza joint is located at the beginning of The Starland District, 2218 Bull Street to be exact. There is seating available outside, which will be absolutely perfect for some al fresco dining once we are all released from the grips of Satan... I mean summer fades into fall. Stepping inside, you are met with the combination of an industrial, yet classical speakeasy ambiance, and a wave of coolness hits you as you gaze around the Peacock Blue walls and chairs in the front sitting area. Don’t be alarmed if a smile immediately hits your face as you meet the figures behind the namesake of this wonderful place. My personal favorite is below.

The bar itself is a masterpiece: gorgeous marble countertops, and a full length mirror with glass shelves. When the lights hit the shelves and liquor bottles just right, it’s almost as if the bottles are dancing under a chandelier, beckoning for you to join them. Ok, maybe that was the wine talking to me during my visit, but you get the idea. The true centerpiece of the whole restaurant though, is tucked in the back corner, red, hot, and holding the secrets to the perfectly cooked pizza. The brick oven is a beauty, and you can’t help but nearly squeal with excitement as the anticipation of the delivery of your pizza increases. Speaking of pizza, allow me to blow your mind with that next.

I don’t quite consider myself a pizza connoisseur... wait, yes I do. Brick oven pizza is by far my favorite way to cook pizza, and the fact that we have a fantastic option here in Savannah is exhilarating! Now, Squirrel’s menu has been carefully chosen and perfected to where it is nearly impossible to make a wrong decision. Although I opted to forgo the appetizers, on my next visit, I will 100% try the Pecan Fired Chicken Wings with Korean BBQ sauce. For all of my wing fanatics out there, fair warning, they do not have ranch or bleu cheese options for sauces. But trust me, I don’t believe you’ll be upset or miss them. Conveniently priced at 6 wings for $7.95 or 12 for $14.95, you really won’t break the bank with this option. Plus, they’re PECAN WOOD FIRED. Enough said.

I ordered a glass of white wine, and if I could remember the name of it, I would tell you. But sadly I don’t. It was as smooth and as light as a Pinot Grigio, with a bit of a stronger yet sweet finish of a Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling blend. I’ll take better wine notes next time. After a few sips, the pizza I have been waiting my entire life for arrived. I chose the sausage pizza, a simple recipe of tomatoes, house made mozzarella, basil, parmesan, non GMO flour crust, and the best damn locally made sausage. From the first bite of pizza to the last, it was a dream come true. The flavors blend magically, and will definitely leave you wanting more, if you have room! My partner in crime ordered the Benny Blanco royale, with lamb. And holy lambchops, I instantly had pizza envy! A white pizza so masterfully crafted with non-GMO flour crust, drizzled with olive oil, and then sprinkled with house made mozzarella, rosemary and lemon argumato, it arguably could be a new wonder of the Modern World. Someone come give them a crown because the new Pizza King Benny Blanco Royale is here and has claimed his rightful place on the throne.

To top it all off, the staff of Squirrel’s Pizza are hands down the absolute nicest, most genuine, dedicated and knowledgeable bunch of smiling faces you will ever have the pleasure to meet! Some may say they’re even a little nuts! I couldn’t resist. But dad jokes aside, the people employed at this fabulous little slice of pizza heaven really go above and beyond to make your pizza wishes and dreams a reality. Be sure to strike up a conversation with them, as they are happy to chat about their little world. And be sure to thank them when you leave!

Have you had the chance yet to experience the wonder that is Squirrel’s Pizza? Drop a comment below and tell me your favorite item on the menu! Cheers, friends!


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