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Welcome To My City Blog: What's the Ish, Savannah?

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Noble Fare's Biggest Fan

I’m fairly certain that a restaurant’s rating instantly increases when you cannot control your desire to consume everything on the menu. This is exactly the dilemma I faced last Saturday while thoroughly enjoying the menu prepared for restaurant week by our friends at Noble Fare. After carefully studying each menu of the participating restaurants, Noble Fare won me over with their perfectly paired options. They absolutely live up to their motto of “The art of good eating” and let me show you why!

Housed in a quaint and elegant brick home built a little over a century ago, our friends at Noble Fare can be found at 321 Jefferson Street. If you don’t pay attention while arriving, or look for the beautiful sign out front, you might miss it! When glancing at the former home, built in 1910, it’s hard not to picture the former owners, gazing out at their beautiful city of Savannah, from their classic rod iron porch. Once inside, you are immediately met with a grand staircase, leading up to a private dining room. To the right of the host stand, is the main dining room, and believe me when I tell you, the owners spared no expense when decorating every single detail of this exquisite venue. The color theme perfectly blends together in hues of fuchsia, black and white, with silver accents intricately placed around the rooms that add just the right amount of sparkle.

From the moment I was at the host stand waiting to be escorted to the table, to the end of the meal, the staff of Noble Fare made me (and my partner in crime) feel as if they were hosting a private dinner party, just for us. They are the perfect combination of attentive yet not overbearing, warm and friendly, but not fake by any stretch of the imagination. The table by the window was the lucky draw for the evening, and it could not have been more wonderful. I can still see the sunlight shining through the window, glistening off the chandeliers, and creating a kaleidoscope like effect that danced across the ceiling as it filled the room. Now, I have pondered and brain stormed for well over a week for the appropriate words to use to describe the aroma and taste of the meals I was lucky enough to eat at Noble Fare. I have to admit, it was a struggle to conjure up anything that would remotely do this experience justice. So here goes my best attempt.

HOLY MOLY GOOD GRACIOUS CAN I GET AN AMEN Y’ALL!! Insert hands up emoji here. If I said I was not still dreaming about the food, I would be lying. Of course, once seated, the first thing my eyes focused on was the wine menu. I happily chose my usual white wine, and, nope, I definitely do not remember the name. Rookie mistake strike two! Trust me though, it was delightful! The meal began with the appetizer choices of She Crab Soup or an Heirloom Tomato salad with fresh Mozzarella and Balsamic drizzle. Luckily for me, I convinced my partner in crime to order whatever my second choice would have been, so I could try it and not miss out. Plan ahead I tell you! Both were scrumptious and only caused my heart to beat faster in anticipation of the main course. And dessert, because there is ALWAYS room for dessert!

Keeping a watchful eye on the kitchen doors, I must have looked like a crazed fan waiting for her idols to suddenly appear in front of the table. Except, in this instance, my idols were two delectable entrees, precisely cooked and impeccably plated so as to cause just the right amount of heart palpitations as they were placed on the table. I opted for the Herb Roasted Chicken, served with a side of sweet potato hash, wilted spinach, and natural jus. The chicken fell off the bone, and was complimented perfectly with the savory and sweet flavors of the hash and jus. I rarely finish a complete entree when dining out, mostly because I want to savor every bite and have leftovers for a late-night snack or breakfast the next day. However, not a speck of food was left nor a to go box needed for this meal. My partner in crime ordered the Bistro filet, paired with potato purée, fungi, wilted spinach and truffle pan gravy. To quote, “the steak melted like butter and was cooked to the perfect medium rare temperature.” Of the few small bites I managed to sneak, I could not agree more that this was perhaps the single best filet I have ever eaten. Out of the choices of Raspberry Sorbet, Crème Brulee, or Caramel Cheesecake, it’s safe to say the Crème Brûlee and Caramel Cheesecake never stood a chance. While not acceptable to lick the plate clean, the thought did cross my mind as I stared, nearly drooling over the desserts.

Everything from the décor, to the warm and welcoming staff, to the melt in your mouth goodness of the food, every single thing about the experience at Noble Fare was exemplary. I would like to sincerely thank everyone involved in making this night as flawless and memorable as possible. If you ever have an opportunity to dine at Noble Fare, be sure to take it.

How was restaurant week friends? Leave a comment below and tell us what restaurant and dishes you tried! Cheers friends!

Author: Maureen

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