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What makes The Creatish Music Gym different? 


Learning Your Instrument is fun.  But what makes it into music is understanding how your instrument relates to other instruments.  You will have access to Tutorials and Workshops from a variety of subjects across different Genres and Musical Styles. Everyone learns at their own pace which is why you and your instructor will create the curriculum and goals for your lessons.



Can I access Content for other instruments other than the Instrument I play?


Yes, That is one of the differences between Creatish Music Gym and other lesson methods.  Understanding other instruments and how they relate.  


Can I make suggestions for Future Content?


Yes, The purpose of the Creatish Music Gym is to create a community.  This means that you get to have input into the things that we do now and in the future.  


Can I take more than one class at time?


Yes, You can learn different instruments if you desire.  You can use different instructors for different instruments or if your instructor teaches a different instrument you make take additional lessons from that instructor as well.  


Will you discus Production, Recording and Home Studio subjects?


Yes, We will do workshops, Tutorials and even offer Private Instruction on that as well. 


Is Knowing or Learning Music Theory required? 


Knowing it before is not required. But there will be aspects of that, that will be needed to teach certain things.  We will also offer Classes, Workshops and Tutorials on Music Theory.  


Do I need Recording Software?


No, Recording software is not required for the Creatish Music Gym.  But in the future it might be something worth investing in. Collaboration with other Musicians is often done using various DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations).  We can recommend Software and Interfaces to assist you in that process.   



What do I need to get started? 


You will need your instrument.  A Computer with a Webcam and a Microphone (most webcams have a built in microphone)  Note: if you have a Mac you have a built in Camera and Microphone.  You will also need to have Zoom software installed on your account.  You can download the software and create an account here.


What is the schedule like for Lessons? 


Lessons are flexible but they will depend on your availability and the availability of your Instructor. 



How much do the Lessons Cost?


Lessons are purchased by the hour and vary depending on your current skill set. 



Is the Music Gym Membership an Extra Cost?


The Music Gym membership will launch Feb 2021 and will be free for the first 30 Days. 


How often will the content on the Music Gym be updated?


There will be weekly updates of new Content.  This could be in the form of Tutorials, Workshops and Interviews with Industry professionals.  



Are there discounts for families or friends who want to take lessons together?


We offer family discounts if you live in the same home and those lessons can be individualized or, we will also be offering group lessons at a discounted price. Make sure to check our website frequently or join our mailing list for updates.