Creatish can help plan any detail of your event, live or virtual. From conception, to talent, or design, we're here for you!

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Have an act you want to showcase? Make some extra money as an extra, or just looking to book your next show? Find it here! 

Need some day players, short a few crew members, or just need to fill some background spots? Find what you're looking for with Creatish! 

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Included in the Gym membership, is our interactive members-only lounge, where industry meets industry and magic is made.

A virtual music and creative arts gym!

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From finding the crew you need to becoming the talent they want.​

Creatish Media is your premier entertainment management company!

Where talent meets industry.

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Creatish is here for all of your entertainment needs! Are you an artist looking to showcase your work to potential gigs? Are you planning an event and need talent? We are ready to connect talent to the people. Need a comedian for your show, or a band to play your club? We got you covered!

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There is so much amazing talent that has the opportunity for great things! Can you make them laugh? Do you have an incredibly unique sound? Or do you need somewhere to showcase your talents to potential gigs? 


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EVENTs-Live and virtual

You have an idea in your head for the perfect event. But you don't know where to start looking for what you need? Look no further than CREATISH! We are your one stop shop for all of your event needs! Whether you are preparing for a live event or a virtual one, we can put all of the pieces together.


Live streaming, recorded events and a website to show it all off.We've got you covered.  Don't cancel y9our wedding or baby shower, throw a virtual party instead!

Need live sound for your event? We got you covered!

Looking for a band? We got you covered!

Last minute comedian for your show? We got you covered!

Need someone to plan it all? We got it covered!


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film industry

You're here, you're filming! Now what? 

Creatish is ready to help with all of your talent needs. From the make-up artists to the gaffers, from background talent to day players, we have the talent you when you need it.

Crew is important when it comes to good production. Creatish is full of up and coming talent ready to showcase what makes them amazing. Let us help you find what you're looking for. 

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Creatish is set to create an entertainment community, a hub for all things creative! What you see here is just the tip of what is to come. Stay tuned within these pages and join us for our adventure into the creative. 

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